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We hope to be the first stop for those wanting a direct path to local cancer resources and information. We have eliminated all of the other healthcare clutter so you can focus on just the pertinent cancer information you need. Here you’ll find local resources for information about what cancer is, local medical care, treatment options, current research, alternative treatments, and even special information about cancer in children and pets.

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NBCA Financial Assistance

NBCA raises money for those in our community who need critical cancer care and services but cannot afford to pay. We will continue to build on our strategy of forming partnerships with the financial counseling departments at our local healthcare providers and identify qualified candidates for NBCA Financial Assistance. These departments help individuals sort through and find existing financial aid through state, federal, private and nonprofit agency programs. Despite the numerous financial assistance programs available there are still many people who do not qualify for support yet who urgently need cancer services. It is these medically and financially pre-screened individuals, who have nowhere else to turn, that NBCA will provide financial assistance to.

What We Fund

The services we fund may include but are not limited to: cancer risk assessment, genetic testing, screening procedures, treatment, integrative therapies, follow-up care and incidentals. If you live in our service area and your physician has determined you need cancer services but you are not covered by insurance or other support programs and cannot self pay, you may be eligible for NBCA financial assistance. Have your healthcare provider contact us to discuss your case.

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