Welcome Cancer Patients and Families

We hope to be the first stop for those wanting a direct path to local cancer resources and information. We have eliminated all of the other healthcare clutter so you can focus on just the pertinent cancer information you need. Here you’ll find local resources for information about what cancer is, local medical care, treatment options, current research, alternative treatments, and even special information about cancer in children and pets.

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NBCA Financial Assistance

NBCA raises money for those in our community who need critical cancer care and services but cannot afford to pay. We will continue to build on our strategy of forming partnerships with the financial counseling departments at our local healthcare providers and identify qualified candidates for NBCA Financial Assistance. These departments help individuals sort through and find existing financial aid through state, federal, private and nonprofit agency programs. Despite the numerous financial assistance programs available there are still many people who do not qualify for support yet who urgently need cancer services. It is these medically and financially pre-screened individuals, who have nowhere else to turn, that NBCA will provide financial assistance to.

What We Fund

The services we fund may include but are not limited to: cancer risk assessment, genetic testing, screening procedures, treatment, integrative therapies, follow-up care and incidentals. If you live in our service area and your physician has determined you need cancer services but you are not covered by insurance or other support programs and cannot self pay, you may be eligible for NBCA financial assistance. Have your healthcare provider contact us to discuss your case.




What NBCA Supported Program Participants Say

“The patients we care for at St. Joseph Health Regional Cancer Care have greatly benefited from our partnership with North Bay Cancer Alliance.  We recognize that each patient is more than just their disease and, as such, healing requires a more holistic approach.  NBCA helps many of our patients with the greatest needs by enabling them with transportation, food, and other essential support as they go through treatment.  Additionally, they’ve sponsored new support programs we’ve been able to trial with our patients.  One example is our Yoga Sound Healing class that has been very popular among patients.  We greatly appreciate our partnership with North Bay Cancer Alliance!

-Ben Wade, MHA, St Joseph Health, Santa Rosa

“I was in a fog after my doctor told me I had ovarian cancer. The binder I was given to look through at her office had way too much information for me to handle. The NBCA website helped me quickly find exactly what I needed to know.”

– Program Participant

“We have many top notch providers of cancer care here but no one has brought all the cancer information I need together in one place before.”

– Program Participant

“I was told that I should consider genetic testing with my second breast cancer. After going through the assessment and risk consultation offered through SCRAPPI, I made the decision to be tested for the breast cancer genes and learned that I have a BRCA2 mutation. Having this valuable information has helped me to move forward and make educated choices on my health care. The free services I received through the program made a big difference in my life. Thank you.”

– Program Participant

“Thank you for having this program. I thought I might be at increased risk but I did not know there was anything I could do about it.”

– Sylvia S., Program Participant

“The internet has vast amounts of information available about cancer, and that can be overwhelming to patients. This website is really helpful for patients to find the proper information they want quickly and easily.”

– Sonoma County Resident

What NBCA Donors Say

“Cancer has touched many of our lives on very personal levels and the work being done by North Bay Cancer Alliance is wonderful. It feels good to give.”

– Noel Hanson, Chairwoman, SR Golf and Country Club

“This is a great opportunity to join our effort and raise money for one of the county’s most important programs aimed to find women before they develop cancers. We have screened more than 2,500 women so far and this fundraiser will allow us to continue our work and serve the community in a very important way.”

– Anonymous NBCA Donor

“Sonoma County needs an independent and locally managed organization like North Bay Cancer Alliance which is dedicated to helping cancer patients and their families.”

– Marilyn Dunlavey, NBCA Secretary, Event Coordinator

“I wanted my money to specifically help local people faced with cancer so I donated to North Bay Cancer Alliance.”

– Anonymous NBCA Donor