John Jay Corley Legacy Fund

John Jay Corley

John Jay Corley Legacy Fund

Jay Corley, Monticello Vineyards founder, passed away peacefully surrounded by his family at age 84 on January 11, 2016. He was a father, grandfather, a patriarch, a pioneering vintner, and always a gentleman.  He left a legacy of family, gracious hospitality, and civic service.

There are as many as 2 million new cases of cancer every year in the United States. Jay succumbed to the effects of prostate cancer after years of treatment. During those last years, Jay developed an appreciation for other cancer patients who, like him, faced frequent and often taxing doctor and hospital visits. With seven adult children, Jay always had a driver and a second pair of ears to accompany him, take notes about medications and treatment routines.


Many, if not most, cancer patients don’t have the support system Jay had. The hardship cancer places on families can quickly deplete savings and create undesirable choices such as either paying for food or paying for medicine. Jay saw this first hand.

Support cancer patients in wine country

The John Jay Corley Legacy Fund was created to provide financial support to cancer patients and their families living in the wine country regions of Northern California. In close collaboration with oncology social workers, the legacy funds are available for patients of any age, with any type of cancer, who need financial assistance for transportation, food and groceries, co-pays, hotel stays, pharmacy, and any number of urgent household priorities.

Tax-deductible donations can also be made to the John Jay Corley Legacy Fund by sending checks to North Bay Cancer Alliance, attn. John Jay Corley Legacy Fund.

John Jay Corley with a case of Monticello Wine

Donors to the John Jay Corley Legacy Fund

Thank you to the following individuals and businesses for their support to the John Jay Corley Legacy Fund.

Joseph Peatman
D.E. and Barbara Bellinger
Taketoshi and Rie Maekawa
Olof Karlstrom and Olivia Maynard
Leslie Brewer and Arnold Blinn
Paul and Geri Piotrowski
Rawila Lee
Dennis and Margaret Hein
Barbara Rockett
Ron Taddei
Guy and Constance Kay
Matt Wills
Carl Doumani
Laurie and Jerry Angelo
Adam and Nancy Lerner
Tom Storey
Minnie Drown
M. Christine Lee
Mark and Denise Erickson
Elaine John
Ellen and Harry Parsley

Bob and Doris Klein
Richard and Barbara Shurtz
Robert Steinhauer
Bridget Assing Marok
Karen Flinn
Clarence and Audrey Palmer
Jack Cook
James and Charlene Eckman
Elliott Trumbull
John Hunting
Hellmuth and Eva Zieleniewicz
Melvin Bethke
Dave and Linde McGee
Kathleen Heitz Myers
John Anderson
Darrell Corti
Marlene and Darrel Howatt
Randy and Debbie Lewis
Thomas and Jacqueline Gumina
Mary Yates Jones
J.M. Gillman

Henry and Gayle Riggs
Richard Antonello
Patricia Tipton
Andrea Evans
Tryon Distributing
Heron Oaks Farm
Brotemarkle, Davis & Co.
Barrel Associates International
Taddei Vineyards
S.R. Perrott, Inc.
Wineland Consulting
Marchetti Scoperta
Silverado Trail Winery Association
Pacific Southern Wine Company
Heitz Wine Cellars
Lewis Cellars

Historic image of the original entrance to Monitcello Winery in Napa California.
Original entrance to Monticello Vineyards